Hunter Packages & Fees

3 or 4 Day Hunt: $1,500 includes accommodations, meals, beverages and hunting guide

Guest Accommodations: Non-hunting Guest $250 per day

Equipment Needed

Guns:  Rifles of 243 caliber or larger. We recommend that you use a rifle that is equipped with a scope. Zero in rifles at 100 yards prior to arrival at Ranch.

Gear:  Bring binoculars, knives, and other personnel gear you may require.

Clothing: Appropriate outdoor gear for all types of weather is strongly suggested. Please bring necessary personal items to ensure a comfortable stay.

Loner Guns: Firearms & ammunition are available on the Ranch for loan. Please inquire in advance about these services.

Reservation & Payment

Call Brent Geistweidt at 713-705-5763 to make your reservation and discuss your hunting package options. A $1,500 deposit is required upon booking. The balance is due when you harvest your deer and is payable in cash or cashier's check.

Note: The charge for a wounded or lost deer is 100% of the base trophy fee.

Taxidermy services available.

Trophy Bucks                    190's                                    $8,000

                                            180's                                    $7,000

                                            170's                                    $6,000

                                            160's                                    $5,000

                                            150's                                    $4,000

                                            140's                                    $3,000

Quality Bucks                    130's                                    $2,000

                                            200 to 400                           Call for pricing

Select Does                                                                     $250

Based on Boone and Crockett Scoring

                                             *All prices are subject to change 


Trophy Fees